M.A. “Fred” Dietze, Kiwanis International Trustee
M.A. “Fred” Dietze, Kiwanis International Trustee

Fred's Passions

Fred is passionate about the organization. That passion showed in his Army career when he was able to reduce bureaucracy to better support soldiers.  It was also evident when he was selected to develop and train senior Army leaders on retention programs. In his civilian career, Fred's belief in a strong organization produced results that reflected in increased employee morale and significantly reduced employee terminations. Fred believes that an organization must support its investors, its people, and its clients. For Kiwanis this equates to the clubs, Kiwanis International staff and board, and to the children of the world.


Fred is also a passionate leader. One of his favorite phrases is, “You manage things; you lead people.” That is why he has such a passion for Kiwanis – because Kiwanis builds leaders. Kiwanis starts in grade schools and works all the way up through colleges. Fred believes that just about anyone can manage, but not everyone can lead. Leaders need to be trained and developed and encouraged. Fred has that training. He has been developing his leadership skills for decades and he is encouraged to help lead the Kiwanis organization. 

Fred Dietze
838 Riley Lane
Hudson WI 54016
(715) 781-7167

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